My Background

   In one of his stories, Hans Christian Andersen states that "every good writer starts with the end".

I am a retired medical doctor (Ro), licensed in Acupuncture in Canada and dedicated to healing suffering and illness.


   Long ago, at the beginning of my medical career as Military Doctor, working as a surgeon in a Military Hospital, I became interested in acupuncture and I started testing and practicing it. I was amazed of the positive effects of this old therapy, especially when combined with electrical stimulation.

Chronic diseases as diabetic foot, peripheral neuropathies and phantom limb syndrome responded amazingly to acupuncture, more than to regular Western Medicine therapy.

Additionally, I used acupuncture to reduce the scarring in surgery.


   Later, when I specialized in ENT (Otorhinolaryngology) , I supplemented the regular therapy for nasal allergies, Bell's Palsy, trigeminal pains and other ENT diseases with electro-acupuncture and I had  wonderful results. This happened because the acupuncture triggers the body's self-healing mechanisms, as we know today, however, nobody knows exactly the details of acupuncture's mechanisms. The miracle is that it did work for thousands of years and still has amazing effects and results.


   After retirement I moved my residence in Canada, and as per Canadian regulations, I had to undergo appropriate re-training and examination to become licensed as a professional Acupuncturist. I am a passionate healer, using this alternative medicine paradigm, doing whatever is needed for the well being of my patients  and am dedicated to helping the people in need move through a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual difficulties, in the most efficient and transformative way possible.


   My treatments are specifically tailored to the deepest needs and sufferings of each patient, I do all it is needed to  make sure they receive the treatment that works best for them. Since I started this activity in Canada, I have seen amazing effects of Acupuncture and additional TCM techniques, that granted the healing power of my treatments.

So, if you need a dedicated Registered Acupuncturist, who is also trained also in Western Medicine, Surgery, ENT - a wider spectrum of knowledge and practice -,  here I am to help you get better, happier and more balanced. 

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